Guide to how to identify an original Louis Vuitton bag from a fake

Spot the Fake: Louis Vuitton

Welcome to our exciting adventure in the world of Louis Vuitton bags ! If you are here, you probably share our passion for the art of fashion and the iconic Louis Vuitton brand. We know how fascinating it is to own one of these bags, but also how frustrating it can be to navigate the choppy waters of low-quality imitations . But fear not, we're here to help you become an expert at recognizing an authentic Louis Vuitton bag from a fake. It's like entering an exclusive club , where only the initiated can fully appreciate the beauty and authenticity of these masterpieces.

Together, we will explore every detail, every stitch, and every secret feature that makes each original Louis Vuitton bag unique. You will learn the tricks of the trade and become a true expert. So, get ready to discover the secrets that only true fashion lovers know. Sit back comfortably, grab a coffee or a cup of tea, and immerse yourself in this exciting journey to become an expert in the world of Louis Vuitton bags . Let's begin!

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Step 1: Carefully examine the material and quality of the leather or canvas

One of the first things to consider when trying to authenticate a Louis Vuitton bag is the quality of the materials used. Authentic bags are made with high-quality leather or Monogram LV canvas . Touch the surface of the bag: it should be smooth and free of noticeable imperfections . The monogram or canvas pattern should be clear, defined and perfectly aligned.

Step 2: Evaluate the craftsmanship and stitching

Craftsmanship is one of the hallmarks of authentic Louis Vuitton bags. Examine the stitching of the bag carefully: in the originals , the stitching will be precise , uniform and of high quality . Counterfeit bags may exhibit uneven, shoddy, or even glued stitching.

  • As you can see from the comparison between the Fake bag and the authentic Louis Vuitton Metis bag in the photo above:

    • The threads on all sides of the tag are much thicker and bulkier than the thinner stitches on the authentic bag.
    • All the text lines on the Louis Vuitton Metis replica bag are too thick.
    • The text "® / LOUIS VUITTON / PARIS / made in" on the fake bag is too skin deep.
    • The country of manufacture of the bag does not affect the thickness of the text on the label.
  • The fake Louis Vuitton bag features the text "LOUIS VUITTON" which looks too boxy and thick.
    On the other hand, the authentic LV bag has the "LOUIS VUITTON" text on the key chain larger and thinner than the text of the fake bag.

  • For the fourth method of the guide on how to recognize fake Louis Vuitton bags, we will now talk about one of the most famous LV prints, the classic Monogram.
    In the image showing the fake Louis Vuitton bag compared to the authentic one:

    • The flowers and classic "LV" logo on the fake bag are improperly shaped.
    • The flowers and "LV" logo are too thin and small on the fake bag.
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How to recognize a fake Louis Vuitton bag?

Step 3: Check the zippers, buckles and closures
The closures of an authentic Louis Vuitton bag will be well constructed and sturdy . The zippers should slide smoothly, and the buckles should have considerable weight . Fake bags often feature cheap zippers that jam easily or flimsy buckles.

Step 4: Examine the labels and internal details
Inside the bag, look for the Louis Vuitton label. Authentic labels are made with high-quality materials and clearly printed details. Pay attention to spelling errors or unclear details, which are common on counterfeit labels.

Step 5: Analyze the monogram or pattern of the canvas
The monograms or motifs of the Louis Vuitton canvas must be perfectly aligned on all parts of the bag. Check carefully if the logos are upside down or cut incorrectly, signs of a potential counterfeit .

Real vs Fake

Step 6: Check the serial number and production date
Each authentic Louis Vuitton bag has a unique serial number . Verify its authenticity by consulting Louis Vuitton customer service or an authentication expert. Fake bags may have duplicate or incorrect serial numbers.

Step 7: Examine the packaging and accessories
Authentic Louis Vuitton bags are sold with high-quality packaging, dust bags and other accessories such as locks and keys. Pay attention to the details of these accessories. Counterfeit bags often include shoddy packaging or low-quality accessories.

Step 8: Be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers
If the price seems incredibly low compared to the market value of authentic Louis Vuitton bags, be wary . Authentic bags come at a high cost, so if the offer seems too good to be true , it could be a counterfeit .

Step 9: Consult an authentication expert

If you still have doubts about the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag, the best option is to consult an authentication expert . There are online services and experts at authorized retailers who can help you verify whether your bag is authentic or a fake.


By carefully following these steps and paying close attention to details,
you can increase your chances of spotting an authentic Louis Vuitton bag
from a fake and make a safe purchase.


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