Who we are

Who we are

Spazio Vintage 23 is a site where you can find many unique garments and accessories from luxury designers. It is a boundless showcase for seeking quality and sustainability. Giving garments a second life is our mission. In an era in which vintage is considered among the best investments for life, in which more and more women and men can chase their object of desire, which most often consists of a timeless Louis Vuitton, a very refined Chanel 2.55 or in a "transcendental" Kelly by Hermes (we're talking about bags, of course!), in a Belstaff jacket or a pair of Ferragamo jeans, thanks to the tenacity, creativity and constant research of Daniele Galluzzo, cool hunter, and a staff of professionals on whom it can count, the brand has become a guarantee of originality, quality, seriousness and continuous innovation as well as constant research for new trends.

The store

Spazio Vintage 23 is a real vintage boutique, with attention to the smallest details, from whose shelves unique pieces 'shine', unquestionably authentic and excellently maintained, almost as if they were new.
From bags to shoes, from wallets to belts, from scarves to clothing. The triumph of luxury, vintage and second hand. Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Fendi, Gucci: today, thanks to the vintage business, they can also be owned by those who until a few years ago could not afford to purchase items that cost thousands of euros.

The mission

Giving garments a second life is our mission. It's not just a current trend, but " recycling " is a real must. We aim to give a second chance to clothing items that have remained locked in the attic for too long. Eco-sustainability, savings and the fight against waste : here is circular fashion as a new imperative. Re-adapting, reinventing and re-wearing items from past or vintage collections is a way to personalize your style.

The main activity consists in procuring the items, through trusted sellers contacted personally or via the network. Before purchasing, the item must be carefully evaluated by the general manager, Daniele Galluzzo, who through years of experience and study is able to recognize an authentic product from a counterfeit one almost only by touch. Then, naturally, to prove its authenticity, many other details must be evaluated (even imperceptible details) that Daniele puts into practice during each analysis.
Behind this extraordinary explosion of luxury there is a lot of work, a strong entrepreneurial sense and going beyond territorial limits, with continuous travel, fairs and updates to offer the customer products that are always in step with fashion and avant-garde fashion trends.
An exponential growth that year after year is enriched by trips to the undisputed kingdoms of pret a porter, participation in important fairs and exhibitions, as well as an incredible expansion in multimedia channels, online, on social media and no less by word of mouth .

Safety and seriousness

Spazio Vintage 23 is a guarantee of authenticity of the products offered and tries to warn customers against lurking scams, especially online. As with any self-respecting business, the luxury bags and clothing market is one of the riskiest markets and characterized by the world of counterfeiters and counterfeits. Previously, fake bags and clothing could only be found on vucumprà stalls, while today, with the advent of the internet and the various second-hand buying and selling sites, scammers are always lurking and Spazio Vintage 23 also tries to offer consultancy in credit to its customers, advising them to be wary of prices that are too low and to purchase a product, paying for it as authentic, only if it has had the supervision of experts.