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Spazio Vintage 23

Nike Dunk High Picante Red

Nike Dunk High Picante Red

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In the world of sneakers, NIKE has always represented a fusion of innovation, design and sporting culture. The NIKE Dunk Low Retro Arizona State is the epitome of this heritage, combining the classic Dunk aesthetic with an homage to the prestigious Arizona State University.


  • Model: Dunk Low Retro Arizona State by NIKE
  • Condition: New, never worn
  • Accessories: Original box

Details and Features: These sneakers are a tribute to Arizona State, with colors and details that reflect the school's pride and tradition. But they're not just a tribute: with their iconic silhouette and the construction quality that NIKE is famous for, they also represent a piece of sneaker history.

History of Sneakers: The NIKE Dunk was born in the 1980s as basketball shoes and quickly became a symbol of streetwear culture and fashion. The "Retro Arizona State" version is one of many special editions that NIKE has released over the years, each with its own history and unique meaning. These particular Dunks celebrate Arizona State, but also the evolution of the Dunk from basketball shoes to fashion icons.

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