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Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Damiér with shoulder bag

Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Damiér with shoulder bag

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This charming Louis Vuitton Trevi PM bag embodies the timeless elegance of the brand. Crafted with craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Trevi PM features Louis Vuitton's distinctive Monogram Damier motif, adding a touch of sophistication and style to the design.

The bag is in excellent condition, highlighting the care and attention with which it was handled. The Monogram Damier pattern is intact and vibrant, maintaining its original beauty. The shoulder strap adds versatility to the bag, allowing you to wear it comfortably over the shoulder or across the body, depending on your preference.

Inside the bag, you will find the code TH0048, which represents an element of authenticity and traceability. This code confirms the authenticity of the bag and can be used to confirm its provenance at Louis Vuitton.

The dimensions of the Trevi PM are perfectly balanced for chic, everyday use. With a width of approximately 33 centimeters, a height of approximately 24 centimeters and a depth of approximately 16 centimeters, it offers adequate internal space to organize your personal items neatly.

The combination of the luxurious Monogram Damier motif, excellent condition and functional shoulder strap makes this Louis Vuitton Trevi PM bag an iconic piece that is sure to catch the eye and complement your high fashion wardrobe in style.

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